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Friday, May 01, 2015

Bicycle ... Bicycle ... I Want To Ride My ...

Well ... it's real now.  I got my notification this morning that I won the RAGBRAI lottery and will get all the support services that are provided.  I will have luggage transportation, roadside assistance, rides if needed, and places to camp along the way.  Deep breath.

I have to start taking my cycling training seriously now.  Not that I've not been serious so far - I biked 36.6 miles yesterday which is personal best - but I still have a ways to go.  My personal best is only 55% of the average daily RAGBRAI distance.  I have to double my distance by the middle of June.

"Middle of June?" you ask.  "Isn't RAGBRAI during the last half of July" you ask.  It is but the Wife and I are going on vacation during the end of June.  I will not be able to train for two whole weeks.  This sucks.  I will have roughly a week to train once I get back (this is allowing a week of rest before starting RAGBRAI).  What I really need is for the weather to cooperate ... which it isn't.   There is rain in the forecast for most of next week so I may end up missing two training rides.  I could train in the rain but ... no.  Not a fan of riding in the rain.

Anyway ... I am very excited to ride across Iowa.  I'm looking forward to pushing myself.  My Brother-in-Law, who has ridden RAGBRAI before, also won the lottery so I will have someone I know with me.  I just need to get my mindset on the right track and train like the pessimistic loon that I am.

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