Homer's Travels: Eighty-Seven Wearable Memories

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eighty-Seven Wearable Memories

I went through my closet this afternoon.  More specifically I went through my t-shirts.  Starting around 2006, and not ending until 2011, I would buy souvenir t-shirts from most of the places I would visit.  Since the Route 66 vacation in summer 2011 my collection has remained static except for a few t-shirts gifted to me.

So, how big is my collection?  Eighty-Seven t-shirts.  Every one has been worn at least once and most of them have been worn several times over.

Today I whittled it down a bit.  It wasn't easy as most of the shirts have some sentimental memory attached to them.  I can be very nostalgic at times.  I still managed to reduce the number somewhat.  Five were thrown away because I didn't like them and they had stains.  Another twelve I no longer like, or they no longer fit, and will be donated.  Ten more are shirts from various schools the Wife has taught at or are from her favorite school, Notre Dame (I am keeping the two of the best ones given to me by one of the Wife's nieces).

I still have some sixty t-shirts left (including five old stained ones for doing chores and mowing the lawn in).  There are still a lot of memories folded neatly in my closet.  Not sure if I will restart my collection or not.  I'm sure some cool shirt will catch my eye, some memory will require some proof of existence, and the collection will start growing once more.

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