Homer's Travels: Book: Ramez Naam's "Crux"

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book: Ramez Naam's "Crux"

"Crux" is the sequel to a book, "Nexux", that I read earlier this year.  I reviewed that book here.  "Crux" takes over right after the events in "Nexus".  The creator of the nano-drug Nexus 5 is being hunted down by just about everyone in the world.

Nexus 5 allows people to control their brains just like people control a computer and it allows people to share thoughts and feeling.  The drug is opposed by a branch of the Department of Homelands Security who have been charged with stopping all trans- and post-human technologies that could be potentially abused.  When it is discovered that the creator has added a backdoor to Nexus 5 allowing him to essentially take control of anyone using the drug, governments and organizations, both legal and illegal, try to get the passcodes.

The book ends with several parties converging on one location fighting over the drug's creator.  At this point you realized that this is not a sequel ... it is actually book two of a trilogy.  The book ends with enough ends fluttering in the breeze to fill a third book ... if not more.

I liked "Nexus"  and I liked "Crux" as well.  It had an interesting take on future technology and It held my attention like any good action/adventure story should.  That's what it is, an action/adventure story, not great literature.  The book is full of cliche and overused tropes.  The book is also fun to read.  Sometimes that's all I need.


  1. Oooooh that sounds like something that would make me really, really paranoid. (adds it to reading list)

  2. Autumn: Don't forget to read Nexus first since Crux is a sequel to Nexus.