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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Filling In The Blanks

For the past couple weeks I've been mainly posting about our New Orleans vacation.  I've neglected a few things along the way and so I'm going to use this post to catch up a little before I finish the travel posts.

First off, I would like to wish everyone a belated Fourth of July.  We missed the holiday last year as we were in Beijing last year.  Being Wienered is not the same as seeing and hearing fireworks going off.  This year the fireworks lasted from the weekend before all the way through the week.  The towns around Omaha have legalized the sale of fireworks around the fourth and this year it seemed like everyone had their own pyrotechnic displays.  Every night starting at sunset the skies would light up.  The fourth itself was spectacular.  From our deck, across the farm fields, the fireworks were spread out along the horizon and they lasted for over two hours.  Gorgeous.

Our independence day celebration continued the weekend after the fourth when we went to the In-Law's lake house to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, win third place in the annual boat parade, and watch the lake's fireworks display.  We celebrated the anniversary with a small gathering of friends and family with a catered lunch and the taking of a family portrait (the first one with me in it).  Happy anniversary kids!

The Mother in Law entered the 21st century, beating the Wife to the punch, when she bought a Nexus 10 tablet.  The niece and I helped her by loading apps she might need, removing icons that were not needed, and helping her get accustomed to the touch screen ... something that I am still doing with my Nexus 7.

Finally I want to wish the Wife a happy sixteenth wedding anniversary.  I know that celebrating the anniversary in a hospital (for routine tests) was not the most romantic but next year we should be doing it in style somewhere in Africa.

That about covers it for now.  I'm sure I forgot something but the summer is passing so fast this year things are becoming a blur.  Before you know it the summer will be over, school will restart, and I will be walking the Camino for a second time.

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