Homer's Travels: Curling ...Once Again

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Curling ...Once Again

Saturday was the third annual Sioux City Curling Classic (A news video) and like the last two, the Wife and I went up to participate.

Friday night was introduction to the game and practice on the ice.  There were nearly double the teams this year over last and the curling classic is becoming a popular even in Sioux City.  This round of curling classic, being organized by the Brother-in-Law (BiL), was much better organized than the last one where the scoring had been chaotic and a bit infuriating.

After practice we all went out for a late dinner where I ate a complete plate of Garlic - Parmesan bread sticks followed by a french dip sandwich.  By the end of the night I was feeling a bit disgusted with myself.  The next morning, having to get up early for our first match, I continued to feel bloaty and generally crappy from the night before.  I'm thankful that I don't drink because if I did I probably would have been totally incapacitated.  I can be such a lightweight at times.

Our team was a bit smaller than last time.  ST, who had played the last two times was not available this time so we played with a team of five.  The BiL was one of our five and he was a bit torn between his organization/scoring/playing duties.

We lost our first match (3-1).  We tied our second match (1-1) so we had a shoot out.  I threw for our team (the PRESSURE!).  My throw was terrible but the opposing team's thrower was worse so we won the second match.  We won our third match ... when the other team forfeited.  Not the best performance but it was enough to get us into the semi-finals.

The last match was at 3:00.  One of our team members, one of the Wife's nieces, became sick and dropped out after the second match, so the BiL and I ended up throwing twice as much as we would have had we had a full team.  I'd been relatively fresh for the first three matches but as time went by I felt my energy flow out of me.  I was getting tired.  My performance in the fourth match showed it too.  My aim has always been fairly decent.  My main problem has been throwing the stone too hard.  During my fourth match I would say that half of my stones didn't even make it to the opposite hog line (the stone must cross the opposite hog line to remain in play).  Another quarter of my throws were way off the mark.  The game ended with a 1-4 loss and me being totally exhausted.

I was so tired I let the Wife drive home - those who know me know that I usually do all the driving.  I think my issue was a combination of still not being over my cold, eating too much junk after the practice session, and having to throw more than I have in the past.  I woke up this morning and my thighs are screaming.  I don't remember that happening last year.  I don't think it's old age creeping in.  Must be the cold.

Despite all this we had fun and we are all looking forward to the Sioux City Curling Classic IV ... where I hopefully won't be fighting a cold and we will have a full team.  Next time ... Victory will be ours!


  1. The growing popularity of curling can only mean one thing... it's all part of the secret Canuck invasion!!!

    Fell in love with it at the Olympics, but have yet to play... *sigh*

    1. GH: If there are amateur curling leagues in Nebraska then I'm sure you could find them in California. I know, one more thing to put on your plate.