Homer's Travels: A Cold First Day Of Spring

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Cold First Day Of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring and I was planning to commemorate this day with a 12.5 mile walk around Council Bluffs.  I got up, did my stretching and strength exercises I do each weekday to prevent the plantar fasciitis that I successfully battled late last year and to keep my pelvis on the straight and narrow, and then felt totally exhausted.  I guess the cold that I thought I was getting over is hanging around for one more day.

So today, the first day of Spring, a very chilly, below average, Spring day, will be spent resting and recuperating.  No walking for me today.  I have to recover since I will be curling this weekend and need all the energy I can get to finish last again this year.

I'd been hoping for an early spring, as were the flowers in our back yard, but the snow in the forecast for this weekend is saying otherwise.  Oh well, it will be here soon enough ... we just have to be patient.

Happy First Day Of Spring Everybody!

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