Homer's Travels: Post Thanksgiving Recuperations

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Recuperations

Wow.  We had a great time with all the in-laws on the day before, day of, and day after Thanksgiving.  Now that everyone has gone or are on their way home the house seems so quiet and peaceful, the aftereffects of such great company.

At the peak we had 27 people (this number includes two whole babies and two partial ones).  The Wife was afraid that we wouldn't have enough food for everyone but there was plenty.  The 20 lb turkey was stripped clean and a lot of the 18 lb ham, along with the remainders of three different types of potatoes, were consumed or left the house with guests/college students.

Football, talk, and, most of all, the giggle of little baby girls filled the gaps between meals making this long Thanksgiving celebration one of the better ones in recent memory (IMHO).  Those little girls are some of the best behaved children I have ever seen.

Despite all the food in the house I managed to keep my eating under some control.  Even the two pieces of ice cream cake eaten to celebrate the Altar Boy's Wife's birthday didn't make it to the scales (though my blood sugars were probably on the rise over the past few days, no doubt).  This may change after I open the Principe cookies that my Mother-in-Law (MiL) bought for me but I doubt one package will kill me ... I can always delay my next blood tests.

Now that the house is empty once again it is time to recuperate, redecorate (for Christmas), and to restart my writing.  The MiL let me know that I hadn't written anything in several days and that she was looking forward to my next post.  My next postings will be about our Route 66 and California vacation which I will start posting about on the the first of December.  It won't be as long as my Camino and will probably be done in twelve posts.

Onward to Route 66 ... and the continuation of my pilgrimage.


  1. Thanks for the post.
    It was a great H Thanksgiving.
    All your work was greatly appreciated.

  2. Yay! Sounds like a great holiday!!!

  3. MiL: All the work was worth it. We had a great time too. And the $40 bucks you hid in our bedroom, while not necessary, helped as well.

    Miss McC: It was and it looks like you finally made it back to Homer's Travels.

  4. I can access it through my phone, and JUST discovered today how to get around the school network so I can say "Hello!" again :)

  5. Miss McC: So the school is blocking Homer's Travels?!? Very strange. Hi!!!