Friday, November 04, 2011

Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Cee To Fisterra

I took quite a few pictures in Fisterra.  It was a nice little town.

Early morning, entering CorcubiĆ³n, boats floating in the harbor.
Early morning fishing.
My ultimate ending - Faro Fisterra
The last pilgrim statue on the way to Faro Fisterra.
The last cross at the end of the world.
0.000 km - End of the road and the end of the world.
Letting the Atlantic wash over my feet.
Langosteira Beech.  All those things that look like rocks are shells.
An old derelict boat where I sat and wrote in my journal.
Castle of San Juan.
These pictures and many more have been added to my 2011 Camino de Santiago Google Photos album.