Homer's Travels: Where To Next ???

Friday, July 29, 2011

Where To Next ???

We've been home from vacation a whole six days and we've already started to plan our next vacation.  We're crazy like that.  This afternoon we went to AAA to discuss our plans for a China/Tibet/Nepal/India trip the summer of 2012.

It's going to be a few months before all the details are finalized but the skeleton of a plan looks awesome.  We are going with General Tours who set up our Peru and Jordan vacations.  If everything goes right, and I know it won't, we start with Beijing, a Yangtze cruise, Xian, and, become Panda Volunteers in Chengdu (The tour description is here - it will be modified).  We then go to Lhasa to explore the Tibetan culture.  We leave Lhasa and head overland across the Himalayas to view mount Everest including a horse drawn cart trip to the Everest base camp.  From there it's Kathmandu (Tour description here). After that we fly to Delhi for a private tour of India including the Taj Mahal and Jaipur (Tour description here).  All together, about a month of traveling Asia.

If everything works out right this will take place in June/July of next year.  The order of things could change since we are trying to link three separate tours into a coherent vacation.

Stay tuned ...


  1. You are a very busy person. :) I think that's AWESOME! Now I want to go traveling too!

  2. Miss McC: Yes I am. I just need to find a way to slow down a bit.