Homer's Travels: Home For A While ... I Hope

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home For A While ... I Hope

We got back home today from our Route 66/California vacation.  Like the Camino, it was great.  Now I have even more pictures to run through and process.  I'm going to be busy for a while.

I suppose all my readers are hoping that I have this huge list of posts just waiting to  be posted.  Nope.  I haven't done any post drafting since I got home.  Heck, I've only posted once since 11 May.  Heck, again, I've only been home three days since 11 May.  I have, on the other hand, been drafting posts in my head pretty much real time.  Those of you who aren't subscribed to the real-time mind feed are really missing out.  You'll just have to hold your horses while I sift through all the experiences and pictures and get some posts put together.

My plan is to start posting about the Camino after the first of August.  I'm thinking about posting two posts per week:
  1. A pictures-only post that will showcase pictures covering the portion of the Camino that will be discussed in the second post.
  2. A mostly text post covering a section of the Camino.
I haven't completely decided how to divide up the posts.  Some Camino days would not have enough material for a post so I will be combining days.  I will either group similar parts of the Camino together or, more likely, I will write until I think the post is long enough (and not too long) and I will stop there.  I don't guarantee coherent posts but, then, I never do.

After I finish the Camino I will start posting about the Route 66/California vacation, probably in the same format.

This does not mean that I will limit myself to just two posts per week.  I'm sure (I hope) I will be able to throw in shorter posts as things happen.

I'm glad to be home and I'm raring to post.  Let the wordsmithing ... begin!


  1. I'm glad you dont' have a list of posts waiting. I mean, you were out there LIVING your life. those times being able to disconnect are awesome, aren't they?

    Welcome back! :)

  2. Welcome back, Bruce! I look forward to reading about your trip and hearing about it from you in person next weekend!

  3. Miss McC: I did live. I'm not sure I've ever felt so alive.

    Mom: Thanks

    MH: Can't wait to see the little mini-you ... if you were a girl ... that is.