Homer's Travels: Mystery In The Form Of A Jeopardy Answer

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mystery In The Form Of A Jeopardy Answer

House, Rock/Stone, Hog, Mate, Skip, Bonspiel, and Broom/Brush

What is the question?

I will reveal the question on Monday.  No fair using Google or any other search engines.

P.S. I suspect Just a Girl and GeekHiker will know the answer right away.


  1. Yeah, had I caught up on my blogs in good time, I think I might'a guessed that one... ;)

  2. I guess it didn't "click" because I'm used to see or hear those terms in French.

  3. GH: I thought you would.

    Godefroy: If I'd seen those terms in French it wouldn't have clicked for me.

  4. I'd have got it too...should read my blogs sooner!

    Hoping for seats at the championships next January!