Homer's Travels: Music: James Taylor With Benjamin Taylor At The Orpheum

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Music: James Taylor With Benjamin Taylor At The Orpheum

A couple years ago I lamented about the holes in my memory.  Here's a link to the post.  For those not interested in clicking links, the gist is that I can be forgetful and the most glaring example of this concerns a James Taylor concert I apparently went to with the Wife.  I say apparently because I have zero recollection of that concert.  A complete blank.

The blank has bothered me a bit because, as far as I know, I've never forgotten something as big as a concert.  To fix the situation ... sort of ... we went to see James Taylor again last Tuesday.  I'd hoped seeing and hearing him perform would jog my memory of the first concert ... it did not.  Not even a tiny iota.  Fortunately, two days after the second James Taylor concert, I still remember going.

James Taylor was pretty good.  Instead of having a warm up act he joined forces with his son, Benjamin, to give sort of a joint concert.  They played together for the two and a half hours the concert lasted.  For every two James Taylor songs performed, they did one Benjamin Taylor song.  I'd never heard Benjamin Taylor before (I think?!?) and his stuff was impressive.  It was good enough to temp me to buy some of his stuff.  I'll have to check him out on Amazon.

The Wife and I both enjoyed the concert.  I was worried as I'd gone for a 16.5 mile walk earlier that day and I was a little concerned the mellow guitar strummings of James Taylor, no matter how good he was, would put me to sleep.  I made it though - thank you caffeine.

We have a couple more concerts coming up before I head out to Spain.  I'll be going to see the Decemberists in mid-April and we both will go to a John Mellencamp concert a week and a half later.  Cool stuff.


  1. Wait a minute... missing time? Didn't I see this on the X-Files once?

  2. I was going to post something clever, but then I forgot it.

    I get memory holes sometimes too. I think it's either a. Our brain gets too full and dumps stuff or b.our brain protects us from reliving bad things.

    I dunno which is the case here. And I just realized my comment makes it sound like we have a collective brain. I think I'll keep it that way. But then, sharing a brain, you knew I would.

    btw, word verification is "methy" a third possibility for holes?

  3. MMC: Methy?!? I prefer Crack myself.

    If we share a brain then that would mean we're both half-wits. :D

  4. ooooh BONUS points for half-wits! Love it!

  5. The Decemberists got as close as Seattle but as of yet no Vancouver date. *jealous*

  6. JaG: You could always come down and go with me. I have a clean guest room.