Homer's Travels: The Price Of Procrastination - Inflation

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Price Of Procrastination - Inflation

Eighteen days ago I went to AAA to set up our Jordan trip. The one decision I held off on was who would book the flights. General Tours offered $1,907 per person. AAA could get tickets for $2,053 per person. I went home and checked and found flights in the $1,300 to $1,600 range but they were terrible (24 hours + to get there). I decided a week and a half ago to go with General Tours' flight since, if there were changes or problems with the flights, they would take care of all of the hassle.

I then procrastinated.

What was the cost of procrastination? General Tours is now over $2,400 per person. AAA is now over $3,000 per person. When I check, $5,451 for the more convenient flight (15 1/2 hours to get there, 22 1/2 to get back). There are cheaper flights but I want to enjoy my vacation and long flight times close to a day long and connection times (i.e. time to run like heck through the crowded airport) of less than 40 minutes won't help me enjoy my vacation.

How did prices more than double in 18 days? Don't make no sense to me.


  1. And the airline industry wonders why everyone hates them so much...

  2. GH: Yeah, and a week later the prices went back down - and I pounced and got the lower prices - WOO HOO!