Homer's Travels: And Away We Go ... To Jordan

Monday, November 02, 2009

And Away We Go ... To Jordan

Today I stopped by AAA and put a deposit down on a tour. Where are we going? Jordan. Next June we are taking an eight day tour of Jordan.

This trip will have several firsts for me. First flight across an ocean. First flight longer than six hours. First time in Asia. And on the way back, first time in Europe - a least for a few hours in an airport.

I'm really looking forward to this trip. I really need to get out of the country and experience something new ... really new. For awhile there I thought I'd picked the wrong name for my blog.


  1. Sweet! Can you pack me in your carry-on?

  2. GH: Well, the TSA limits liquids in carry-ons to 3.4 oz. Since the human body contains some 5 quarts of blood, not to mention all the other fluids in the body, that would mean you would not be allowed on the plane and they would toss you in the bin with all the other illegal water bottles. Sorry.