Homer's Travels: News of Landscapers, Heat, And High Blood Sugar - None Of It That Great

Monday, June 22, 2009

News of Landscapers, Heat, And High Blood Sugar - None Of It That Great

Today our landscaper was supposed to start work on the back slope of out backyard. The slope is a killer with respect to mowing. It looks so deceptive until you get out there and push the mower up the hill - having done it a few times I now understand the trials of Sisyphus. With the help of our landscaper, the evil slope of doom will be transformed into a garden area devoid of grass and the need for mowing.

Having said this, the landscaper didn't show today. The rain last week has slowed him down and he has postponed the start for a day or two. Or maybe he's recovering from the cruise to Alaska he just got back from. The delay was probably a good thing at the heat index is around 109°F (that's 42.8°C for you Canadian readers). The last thing we need is landscapers dropping like flies in our backyard from heat stroke.

I did manage to get out on my Bike this morning when the heat index was a more manageable 80°F. The humidity, in the 90% range, was pretty oppressive but once you got going it the wind made it more tolerable. I'll be going out to walk Homer later this evening (after 8:30 PM) if the temp/heat index goes down. May not happen though. Poor Homer just doesn't get around like he used to and wearing a fur coat doesn't help in this heat.

For those who may be wondering, why is this fool exercising on such a hot day. Well, my last blood test showed elevated triglycerides (They've been high for a while and I'm on medication), high cholesterol (higher than it's been which is above normal), and, the more recent development, high blood sugar levels (134.1 mg/dL - should be between 70 and 99). I've been restricting my diet, watching what I eat, and, being back from vacation, I am attempting to be more active, hence the bicycling and walking. I re-test in September and we'll see if all this effort pays off. Odds are my efforts will bear little fruit and I'll probably go on some medication. Yippee.

Updated Heat Index: At 4:40PM the heat index was 128°F (53.2°C)


  1. *salutes California's dry heat*

  2. I wish I had a 134 blood sugar reading. My doc would be so thrilled! Are you a big carb eater??

  3. Dobegil: I was but I'm trying, with mixed results, to cut back. Carbs are the hardest thing for me. I'm a big bread and pasta eater ... or at least I was.