Homer's Travels: 2009 Vacation - Day 7: A Day Of Trasition

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Vacation - Day 7: A Day Of Trasition

Sunday was a day of transition. We left Yellowstone early and went south through the Tetons. Unfortunately the rain and low clouds completely obscured the mountains.

After stopping for breakfast in Jackson, WY, we tried to find a dry place to continue our vacation. We headed south through wide open ranch land, buttes, and small towns. We passed authentic cowboys herding sheep – I guess that would make them sheepboys but I wouldn't tell that to them. If I were brave I would have stopped and taken a picture. They had that rough, old west, feel to them.

The weather cleared up and we thought we finally had left the rain behind. Then we entered Utah. We stopped at a rest stop to use the facilities when it started to hail. Hail! Only pea sized but hail never the less. After the hail came the torrent of rain. We couldn't see very far ahead. This was by far the heaviest rain we'd seen on this vacation. This might turn out to be the rain's last gasp.

Ten and a half hours after leaving Yellowstone we pulled into Moab, UT. Temperatures were in the 70s – 80s and there was no rain in sight. Finally. Real Vacation Weather.

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