Homer's Travels: What's The Secret Password?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's The Secret Password?

We're planning the drive out the California City to see Polaroid Mary,better known as Our Lady Of The Rock. I mentioned this a while back. This Mary apparition is not sanctioned by the Catholic Church. The wife found out first hand what this means when she called the Catholic Church in California City to get directions to the apparition site. When she asked the person who answered the phone about the Mary apparitions she was told that she didn't know anything about it. When the wife pressed on, the person repeated that she knew nothing about it. The impression the wife got was that she knew a lot about it but was not allowed to acknowledge the existence of Our Lady Of The Rock. I guess we didn't know the secret password.

Tomorrow the wife will try again, this time calling the California City library. If we don't get any answers, then we will probably just drive out there, find a bar or cafe, and start asking people.

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