Homer's Travels: Smoke Over Oxnard

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Smoke Over Oxnard

Some of you may have heard of all the fires raging in southern California. We live in Oxnard, CA and, while we are not threatened by the fires, we are experiencing the smoke. Here are a couple pictures that I took from our front door. The ash is flying and the smell of smoke is everywhere. The wife's and my eyes water everytime we leave the house. It is very Eerie.


  1. Bad, isn't it. Not much smoke down here in the basin, but it is floating out over the ocean, making for a very red sunset...

  2. GH: It is terrible here. Everything smells like smoke. Our eyes are itchy and dry - 14% humidity - and the wind is whipping the dust and ash up so it's impossible to go outside. It sucks!