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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Upcoming Stuff

Things have been a little slow lately. I've been hiking a lot but it just hasn't been enough. This is about to change - at least for the next few weekends. The itinerary is:
  • Friday 11 May: Hike the Chumash Trail.
  • Saturday 12 May: Drive to Big Bear and ride the Alpine Slide.
  • Saturday 19 May: Open house at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory followed by the Rosary Bowl (A day of science and spirituality).
  • Sunday 20 May: Hike the Santa Rosa Trail.
  • Friday 25 May: Hike Rocky Peak Park.
  • Saturday 26 May: Roadtrip to Soledad and Carmel Missions.
  • Sunday 27 May: Drive to Santa Barbara for the I Madonnari.
  • Saturday 2 June: Hike to The M*A*S*H film site.
  • Monday - Friday 4-8 June: Business trip to Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
  • Saturday 9 June: Go see Wicked at the Pantages Theater (assuming we can get tickets).
The next five weekends are full and it feels good. I will, of course, post about each.

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