Homer's Travels: The Day After ... It's Alive!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Day After ... It's Alive!!

Well, today we were supposed to go to Soledad and Carmel Missions. After my hike yesterday and the submersion of my camera, we decided to postpone the Mission trip and just spend a calm day at home relaxing. I am feeling muscles that I didn't know I had. I have a sore butt which is either a result of climbing the butte or sliding down the butte on my butt - not sure which. Overall, though, my sore muscles are not as bad as I expected. Even the scratches aren't bothering me as much as I thought. Good News. I usually pop ibuprofen when I get home from hiking and that usually mitigates the aches and pains. Last night I also pop some Excedrin PM to help me sleep - worked like a champ.

We spent the after noon catching up on some TV. We watched an adventure special about rafting in Bhutan and two episodes of Survivorman. Survivorman is pretty cool. A survivor trainer has to survive on his own for 7 days in different environments. He does his own filming so he is totally alone with no food or water. Interesting to watch now that I am hiking.

There is a little more good news - my camera is starting to come back to life. This morning it powered up but the screen was blank. This afternoon the screen came on but there was a little intermittent static. I expect it is still drying out. Hopefully by tomorrow all the water bugs will be out of it. Keep your fingers crossed.

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