Homer's Travels: A New Address For Homer's Travels

Monday, April 09, 2007

A New Address For Homer's Travels

I never thought this blog would survive this long. You may remember that this is my second attempt - the first lasting only a week or two and never going public. Homer's Travels can be a chore to maintain at times but I'm enjoying it and I am looking forward to continue posting about my travels, hikes, and random musings. This is post number one hundred and fifty four. To celebrate passing the 150 mark, I decided to purchase a domain address for Homers Travels. You can now reach the blog at homerstravels.com - a much easier address to remember (The old address, valevue.blogspot.com, still works). I hope you are enjoying reading Homer's Travels and I hope to improve my posting as time goes on.


  1. Fan-freakin' tastic domain name! You can't imagine how fortunate you were to snag "homerstravels.com," so many domain combos are already taken.

    Keep posting on.


  2. Thanks. It was a lot easier then I expected - my first choice was available. Thanks for the encouragement.