Homer's Travels: Fiesta!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Sunday was a mixed day of chores and afternoon school appearances. Sunday was the Fiesta celebration at the wife's job. The "J" came by and together we headed to school. The parking lot was full of inflatable things - Jolly Jumpers, Slides, that kind of stuff. There was also a mechanical bull ride and a reverse bungee (scaled down to high school size, of course). Everything worked on the Ticket system. You bought tickets and you could use them for any of the booths or games.

We started with some lunch. I had eaten before we went since I was starving after grocery shopping. The wife and "J" ate Lumpia and the Mexican plate. With the remainder of our tickets, the wife bought some really cool sunflowers and a plant for the front of the house. We have an old birdbath by the front door and the plant is sitting there.

Now, the wife had said that the "J" wanted me to join her in the jolly jumper but I was never invited by the "J". I did think about suggesting it myself but I spent all my tickets bailing the wife and the "J" out of jail - you know, the charity jail where people pay for you to be held hostage in a crepe paper jail cell and they can only get out by someone paying the bail. I was a little disappointed about not being able to bounce in the jolly jumper but I was a little tired from our Festival of Books trip on Saturday (an event described by one of the wife's students as a Nerd Activity - I think she was jealous) and I probably didn't have much bounce in me anyway.

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