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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TV: The Season So Far

Well its been a few weeks since the new series started and here is a rundown on the two new dramas that I started to watch. The first is Jericho. All I can say about Jericho is that last week it was nuked by America's Next Top Model. We turned the channel to watch Jericho and I looked at the wife and said, are you as uninterested in Jericho as I am? She agreed and we switched to ANTM. The fact is, we don't miss it. It was too slow and too humorless to hold our attention and interest.

Heroes is a whole different story. What a great show. We are really enjoying this superhero romp. The story is interesting. The drama is deftly balanced with humor. We groan when the episode ends - we are left wanting for more. If you aren't watching Heroes, you are missing out on a fun, entertaining show. The show has to have one of the best tag lines ever ... in the world ... a lot:

Save the cheerleader ... Save the World!

So to sum it up - Jericho Nuked by Models. Heroes romp.

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