Homer's Travels: Morrow Bay 1998

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Morrow Bay 1998

Our second roadtrip was a short little jaunt to Morrow Bay and places yonder. Once again I chose a crappy hotel that had very little going for it. It was not near the beach and really wasn't near anything. The lesson here is cheap is not always better and location is, as they say, King. The one thing that made this trip worth while was a visit to Harmony and Cambria.

We drove to Harmony hoping to have lunch at the cafe there but it turned out to have closed in 1997. The only thing open in the tiny town, that straddles Old Creamery Road, was a pottery store. It did have a weird ghost town feel to it and I have always wanted to return and take some pictures but haven't done it ... yet.

We continued up the road to Cambria. Cambria is one of our favorite destinations. We usually go there twice a year when we need a change of scenery. This was also our first time in town and we had our first Tri-Tip sandwiches at the Main Street Grill. We have only eaten in two restaurants here and the Main Street Grill is the one that keeps luring us back for more. We did some exploratory shopping - I don't think we bought anything at the time. We have bought more cool stuff in our subsequent visits.

That was pretty much it. Morrow Bay was disappointing but the discovery of Cambria enriched our lives.

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