Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #103

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Weekly Ephemera #103

  • Mom continues to recuperate at the rehab facility.  The pain in her back is nearly gone and the sciatic pain in her leg is becoming less frequent.  Unfortunately the pain in her neck as she heals is taking its sweet time going away.  This week she goes to her first post-op doctor's visit to get her staples removed.

    To keep Mom's options open, the Wife and I visited an assisted living facility.  The place was like a resort.  We left there thinking we would like to move in there someday.
  • June has been crappy when it comes to people's health.  Multiple people in our families are dealing with all sorts of health issues.  It's all a bit overwhelming at times.  It's been a tough month.
  • On Thursday we watched the presidential debate.  It went from bad to worse.  As I watched it I flashed back to how I felt on election night 2016.  It feels like things are changing and not in a good way.
  • We had a hail storm this week.  The slow moving storm parked over our house and hailstones larger than golf balls but smaller than tennis balls wreaked havoc on our lawn furniture.  The sound of the stones hitting our picture window was horrific.  Fortunately all our windows are intact but frames and some screens have some damage.  We have roofers and window people coming to inspect for damage and give us estimates for any required repairs.

    One of our chairs with ten hailstone holes.
    (Photo taken by the Wife)
  • I restarted walking this week after a nearly four week hiatus.  I walked twice, including on a day when it was nearly 100℉ (38℃), for a total of 13.9 miles (22.4 km).  It felt good getting back out in the fresh air but my body didn't enjoy it as much.  The hiatus didn't help. 

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