Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #93

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Weekly Ephemera #93

  • I had my post-surgery check with my doctor.  Everything is going well.  There is evidence of another kidney stone and I will be getting a CT scan in October to see if it is staying put.
  • The Wife and I went to Minneapolis at the end of the week.  We visited with the MoH and the BM  and attended a charity gala for the Godson's school.

    We arrived and in Minneapolis Thursday evening and, like we always do, we talked until 2:00am Friday morning.  We slept in a bit, went out for a very good brunch, before we napped before the gala.  We got all dressed up and attended the school gala and had a fun time.  The exceeded their fund raising goals and, I believe, broke a new record.  After the gala we stayed up talking until 3:15am.

    We stopped by the Godson's to see his family, new house, and new puppy.  The puppy is a rascal.
  • I walked 11 miles (18 km) last week.  Not sure if I will be walking or not this week.
  • This week is a busy one.  We got the air conditioner checked out and serviced last week.  This week we are getting our bathroom remodeled starting Monday (it will take seven business days to finish).  On Tuesday we are having the sprinkler guys showing up to run some new pipe to bypass a suspected leak/blockage in our backyard sprinkler system.

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