Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #71

Sunday, October 08, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #71

  • Last Sunday Mom, the Wife, and I went to Uncle Jimmy's memorial service.  The service was nice and it was nice to see people I hadn't seen in a long time.
  • After getting back from the funeral I went to T-Mobile to get a new phone.  Fortunately for me I was able to keep my number (the old SIM was deactivated).  Keeping my old number makes it so much easier.  You don't realize just what is linked to our cell phones like two factor authentication.  It took me a few days to set it up back to the way it was ... actually it's still not like I had it.  Samsung and Google cloud backups made it a lot easier to get back to where I was.  I even have all my texts and call history back.
  • The Wife got sick on Monday.  We think it was food poisoning but we can't narrow it down to anything she ate.  Fortunately it only lasted a couple days.
  • I had our furnace checked out and our sprinkler system was blown out (so we don't have water in the pipes that could freeze).  We cleared everything off and power washed our deck and back patio, washed the windows, and brought all our plants inside.  Our house is now officially ready for winter.  We had our first frost alert yesterday morning so winter is definitely on its way.
  • We finally got our Vietnam visas.  They were delayed due to an office move in the company processing our visa request.  We are now ready for our trip this week.  While this trip is four times longer than our Rome trip it will be a lot easier.  We will be on tours the whole time so we don't have to worry about transportation, lodging, or food.  We just have to sit back and enjoy everything.
  • I got my COVID booster and my RSV vaccination today.  I got the flu shot before we left for Rome.  The Wife got her shots this week as well.  I think I'm up to date on all my vaccinations.
  • I watched "The Continental" on Peacock.  It's a three episode prequel/spinoff of the John Wick movie series.  It was entertaining.  Also binged "Ahsoka" on Disney+.  It was ok.  Not great but good enough.  I did like the call back to Rebels.
  • Mom's last visit with the home physical therapist is this coming week.  She is officially being 'discharged'.  She will continue her physical therapy in the office going forward.
  • This week I have to clean the bathroom and repack for our trip.  I'm not quite as organized for this trip as I usually am but I still have a few days to pull things together.

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