Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #59

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #59

  • Mom is getting better.  She is getting more independent despite having access to only one arm.  We are still working to get her more services to help her at home.  Strangely the hardest service to get is house cleaning.  At least house cleaning at an affordable cost is hard to find.

    I contacted the American Veterans Aid who provides long term healthcare benefits to veterans and their spouses.  Mom's late husband was in the service (briefly) during World War II and she qualified through him.  Unfortunately she has to meet two of five criteria to receive aid.  Mom meets at least two of the criteria but, when her arm heals, several of them will no longer apply.  This aid only applies for long term (i.e. permanent) need for care.  They do not provide temporary aid.  My last email from the company essentially asked me to contact them when my Mom gets worse.  So, the bad news is Mom will not get any aid now but the good news is she will get aid when she needs it.  It is unfortunate we were not aware of this aid when her late husband was still alive and in need of aid himself.
  • I walked four times this week - two long ones and two short around-the-block walks.  I totaled 19.8 miles (31.8 km).  I should have walked a few more times but rain, and me being lazy, got in the way.
  • I am a bit behind in finishing my Camino posts.  I think I have two more posts to go to finish documenting the Wife's Camino.  To help kick start my writing I interrupted my Columbo viewing and subscribed to Apple TV+ and began watching "For All Mankind", "Severance", and "Silo".  I'm sure this will help get me writing soon (←This is sarcasm).

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