Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #56

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #56

I expected my next post would be a Camino post.  It would be a post - or a few - that would talk about the Wife's Camino, how it went, and why it came to a rather abrupt and unexpected end.  For the last week or so I have tried to get in the mood to write down this piece of personal history but the mood didn't arrive.  So, in an attempt to break this writer's block, I am posting another Weekly Ephemera post in an attempt to shake the muse loose.

  • Most of this past week I, basically, tried to return to the normal world.  The Camino shifts you into an alternate world where priorities change and life is simplified.  Even though we were gone for just a couple weeks I've found it difficult to reset my priorities back to the real world.  This turned into watching 'Columbo' reruns.
  • On Tuesday I went to see "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse".  I saw it in IMAX which probably wasn't necessary for an animated film.  I would have gone to our local art house theater but I prefer earlier showings than what the theater provides.
  • The Wife and I watched "Mrs Davis" on Peacock.  It was not what I expected but was good in a very quirky way.
  • On Friday I went to a local large greenhouse and purchased some plants for 'my corner' of the yard.  My corner is under an evergreen tree.  I have trimmed up the lower branches so that water and sun get to the ground under the tree's canopy.  I knew what I was looking for: Perennials with red or purple flowers, that can handle full sun, and grow between twelve and eighteen inches.  Turns out the height was the hardest parameter to meet.  I wanted them to be shorter so that they didn't grow up into the lower branches of the tree.  I ended up with more purple than red flowers (one is white) but, if they survive and spread, it will look nice in the years to come.  I still have another four plants to buy to fill in the bed but those I'll buy next year.
  • On Saturday I picked up a couple bikes Mom had at her house and donated them to a place where they will be refurbished and given to people in need.
Okay, lets see if this shakes anything loose.

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