Homer's Travels: Book: Erin K. Wagner's "An Unnatural Life"

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Book: Erin K. Wagner's "An Unnatural Life"

Two disappointing books in a row.  What are the odds?  This was a novella I received for free so it's not much of a loss except for my time.

Erin K. Wagner's "An Unnatural Life" is a typical 'robot commits a crime and an idealistic lawyer defends them' story.  There are some new facets - the robots are all considered sentient and humans are bigoted against them.

The issue is the story ends abruptly.  Yes it's a novella but even a short novella needs a proper ending.  If this was part one of a series that would make sense but it's not.  It felt like the author either lost interest or got distracted and threw on a crappy ending.  Very disappointing.

I gave this book three stars out of five on Goodreads.  It needed more.  The new facets were a jump off point with lots of potential that was tossed in the trash.

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