Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #31

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #31

I've been home for a week now and I still haven't even looked at the pictures from Ethiopia I need to upload.  I also haven't even thought about posting about our travels.  It's taking me some time to get back in the groove of things.
  • I've also been fighting a couple competing illnesses since I got home.  One was intestinal in nature and has been whipped.  The other is a running nose and an irritating cough.  That one is holding one a bit but seems to be getting better.
  • Speaking of health issues, Mom had a bout of vertigo a week ago that sent her to the hospital.  CT and MRI scans didn't show anything so it's a mystery.  By the end of the week she was feeling normal.  She and I don't like these mysteries.
  • We got home last Sunday and we discovered the Wife's car wouldn't start.  Turns out it was a bad starter battery, something I've experienced with my car too.
  • We went from record lows on Tuesday to record highs today.  Crazy Nebraska weather.
  • It took some time to catch up with all the mail, bills, and news ... not to mention all the shows I've missed over the last forty-five days.
I hope to start drafting posts about our epic travels this coming week.  We'll see.  It's hard to get motivated without a local guide in control of the itinerary.

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