Homer's Travels: A Note About Travel Posting

Friday, September 02, 2022

A Note About Travel Posting

If things are working right, the Wife and I are winging it to Tel Aviv.  I know some of you may be hoping for posts while we are traveling the world.  In the past I have tried to draft posts while traveling and I have discovered that it is often stressful to have to write posts at the end of long days.  It makes me grumpy and I don't enjoy doing it at all.

There are several free days during our travels.  Mostly free days between countries. A day at the start in Tel Aviv.  Two days in Istanbul.  A day at the start and the end in Cairo.  Will I post during these free days?  I doubt it.  If the choice is sitting in my hotel room tapping out a post on my tablet or visiting some cool places within walking distance of our hotel, I would choose the 'visiting some cool places' every time.

I will document our travels in posts after we get home for sure.  And a quick "Yoo Hoo Hi There - we are here" post every few days is not out of the question but don't expect much.

I will also try to post some pictures along the way.  Again, this will be constrained by our free time, WIFI quality, and how tired I feel.

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