Monday, May 17, 2021

Tenth Caminoversary (Plus Two Days)

Last Saturday was the tenth anniversary of the start of my first Camino de Santiago trek.  Once again I have forgotten about an important anniversary.  I guess it's another victim of the funk I'm in.

Iconic Camino marker as you enter
Santiago de Compostela.

I wouldn't feel so bad but it was my tenth anniversary.  Ten is such a round number and round numbers always carry some significance.  And the start of my first Camino changed how I saw the world and saw myself.  It makes forgetting that much harder.

I'd thought about this anniversary for some time but I never could find a convenient time to put together a proper commemorative post.  Instead I am rushing to throw something together before I go get groceries.  This memory deserves so much better.

Happy Tenth Caminoversary.

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