Thursday, April 15, 2021

That Light At The End Of The Tunnel Just Got Bigger And Brighter

Last Sunday the Wife reached the 'two weeks after the second shot' and I reached that point today.  I can not tell you how relieved and happy we feel.  While COVID is still scary, we feel like the end is in sight.

The bright light at the end of the tunnel.

We both plan to continue wearing masks until the CDC says it's ok to go without.  I'm starting to see older people walking around without masks and I'm surprised how irritated I get.  Some people just can't act responsibly.  The pandemic has changed all of us, I think, and we will always be a little more wary in crowds.

Despite this new wariness, I'm looking forward to going out to lunch with my vaccinated Mom.  I'm looking forward to going to a movie or two this summer.  We're considering going on the driving vacation we were planning last summer.  I guess I'm just looking forward to getting back to something close to normal.

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