Homer's Travels: Happy Mother's Day ... To All Types Of Mothers

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day ... To All Types Of Mothers

I want to wish My Mom a Happy Mother's Day in a socially distant way.  It's a nice day to remember mothers of all type.

For example, our yard - our neighborhood actually - is being overrun by mother bunnies.  Looks like an Easter Bunny convention out there.  They are starting to dig holes into the middle of out backyard.  Iago found one such hole and pulled out a tiny two inch long furless snack.  I covered the hole with a paver so that he wouldn't get to the other baby bunnies.

A bunny sitting in our front yard probably contemplating
where she will dig a hole to fill up with babies.
I'm kind of torn.  I don't like killing little baby critters but at the same time we have too many rabbits around.  Kind of wish the hawk I saw in out backyard a while back would return and pick off a few.

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