Homer's Travels: Chilean Patagonia: Day Six - A Tour Of Torres Del Paine National Park

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Chilean Patagonia: Day Six - A Tour Of Torres Del Paine National Park

Sorry for the delay.  Not very motivated to write lately.

On New Year's day we booked a full day tour of the Torres del Paine national park.  We were joined by another couple from Slovenia and our guide, Chiche ... an Argentine Gaucho.

The rugged mountains of Torres del Paine national park.
The van took us into the park where we periodically stopped to take pictures of guanacos, rhea, condors, lakes, and sweeping mountainscapes.

Sweeping vistas along the way.
We stopped near a small lake and walked along the marshy shore.  We all watched the waterfowl, flamingos, and other birds wading among the grasses and reeds.  At the end of the short trail we arrived at a small camping/picnicking area where our driver had prepared a really good spread of food and drink.  We sat around a picnic table and talked about ourselves and what we'd seen so far on our tour.

Flamingos in the distance.
Back in the van we visited waterfalls, lakes, and even more sweeping vista.  It just went on and on.

Mountains, Waterfall, and summer flowers.
In the end it was a nice relaxing and satisfying last full day in Patagonia.

Our last view of the mountains and lakes of Torres del paine.
Pictures can be found in my 2019-2020 Chilean Patagonia Google Photos album.

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