Homer's Travels: Low Key Christmas

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Low Key Christmas

This year the Wife and I decided, for this Christmas season, to do the tiniest amount of decorating as possible.  We didn't put up a tree.  The only signs of Christmas in the house are the Christmas cards propped up over the gas fireplace (which hasn't been lit in a few years) and a candle on a warmer to give the living room a nice holiday oder.

On the outside of the house are laser lights in the front yard.  That's it.  After some thought I decided not to put the big balls in the oak tree.  While I've had some second thoughts about the balls, it's now too late to put them up - the effort it takes to put them up requires a minimum of three weeks of display time.

The Wife and I aren't exchanging gifts this year either.  The funds set aside for Christmas gifts will simple be added to our Fun Money budgets.  Some of that will most likely be spent on our Iceland trip that starts on Christmas Day.

Despite how this sounds, I am feeling the Christmas spirit and it is getting stronger every day as we approach the big day when we will have a nice Christmas Eve at my Mom's place and a Christmas Day evening at the Best Man's and Matron Of Honor's home in Minneapolis.

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