Homer's Travels: Canada: Magnet Edition

Friday, September 07, 2018

Canada: Magnet Edition

People who follow Homer's Travels knows that the Wife and I collect travel magnets from our world travels.  Our Canada By Rail trip was no different but I think we went a little overboard.

One of my favorites - a multicolored polar bear from Churchill, MB.
We bought magnets at every stop along our train trip across Canada from west to east.  We bought a magnet for each city, each province, and each attraction we visited.  In Jasper we also bought magnets for attractions we did on our honeymoon which we took before our magnet habit started.

An Inukshuk from Vancouver, BC.
In the end, after seven provinces, seven cities, and a large number of attractions, we ended up with fifty-four new magnets (bringing our total to four-hundred-fifty-seven).

An inclusive version of the Canadian flag acquired I Jasper, AB.
I have photographed all the magnets and added them to the Travel Magnets tab (at the top of the web page under the title).

A Sailing Ship from Halifax, NS.
Awhile back the travel magnets moved from the refrigerator to a sheet of plywood clad in metal.  Later I added an additional half sheet of metal clad plywood.  Both display boards are now full and there is not enough room for most of the Canadian magnets.  I will have to look for a way to expand our magnet displays.

A Halifax Lobster with springy legs.

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