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Sunday, June 17, 2018

I Think It's Time For A Vacation

I've always had a love-hate relationship with vacations.  For a few months before the traveling starts I dread it.  Once the traveling starts I'm fine.  I'd hoped this pattern had been broken before we went to South America in 2016.  Before that vacation I was pumped and ready to go.  Now that it's time for our next vacation the dread has returned.

Where are we going?  I'd mentioned our plan to take the Trans-Siberian railroad across Russia but that turned out to be too hard.  We decided to stick with the train theme and we changed the location from Russia to Canada.

  • We start with a flight to Vancouver where we will spend a few days seeing the sights.
  • We get on the train and go to Jasper where we will be staying at the same cabins the Wife and I honeymooned at twenty-one years ago.  We spend a few days here enjoying nature.
  • Back on the train we head to Winnipeg.  A couple days here.
  • We fly from Winnipeg to Churchill where, over five days, we will be doing tundra and polar bear tours with a side trip to snorkel with the beluga whales.
  • Back to Winnipeg to do laundry and then back on the train to Toronto.  We spend a couple days here.
  • Next stop on our train trip East is Montreal for a couple days.
  • The end of the line for us will be in Halifax where we spend a couple days before flying back home.
In the end the whole vacation will be thirty-one days long.  I'm not exactly sure what we're doing at each stop.  My job is booking the stops and the Wife finds interesting things to do at each stop.  She always finds cool things to do.  The in-between time, when we will be on the train, will be relaxing.  Unfortunately most of the time it will be nighttime so we will have limited views between stops.

Am I ready?  No.  Will I be ready in the eight days I have left before we go?  Well, I guess I have to be.  Whatever happens I know the Wife and I will have a great time.

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