Homer's Travels: Finally! We Have Our Counter Back!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Finally! We Have Our Counter Back!

For the past week a contractor has been remodeling our kitchen.  This consisted of ripping out the Formica countertop and replacing it with granite, sanding down and refinishing all the cabinets, replace the sink and faucet, and adding pulls to all the cabinet doors and drawers.

It took me a couple days (off and on) to empty out all the stuff in our cabinets and drawers in preparation for the work.  It's amazing how much 'stuff' you can have in a relatively small space.

During this last week I have learned how much I use the kitchen countertop.  Making lunch in the bathroom can not be sanitary.  It definitely was not fun.

Now comes the chore of wiping out the cabinets and drawers, dusting off and moving all the 'stuff' back into said cabinets and drawers, and cleaning all the dust that has seemed to have settled everywhere in the house.  That is my Friday ... and some of the weekend I would imagine.

Oh ... and the kitchen looks awesome!

P.S.  Sadly I did not take pictures.  I'm slipping in my old age.

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  1. I totally understand how difficult it is when your kitchen is under renovation! We tore our entire kitchen apart to install new cabinets, and we're making it work with a mini fridge and a card table set up in the living room. I miss having a counter and real appliances! I never noticed how much I use my kitchen until it was gone. I'm also sick of eating sandwiches. Luckily, our renovation is almost over as well. Good luck as you set up and clean your new kitchen!