Homer's Travels: Music: Queen And Adam Lambert

Monday, July 10, 2017

Music: Queen And Adam Lambert

Over the next couple weeks we will be going to three concerts.  The first, which was on Saturday, was Queen and Adam Lambert.

The stage was shaped like a guitar.
I have always been a big Queen fan and it kind of bums me out that I never saw the band when Freddie Mercury was still alive.  We saw one of the potential childhood homes of Freddie when we were in Zanzibar.  Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, tried to fill his shoes and, in most part, he was successful.  I also like the Lambert announced early on that he knew he was not Freddie and this humility was refreshing.

The robot is the same from the "News of the World" album
which turns forty this year.
The music set was a mix of songs I knew well and a few I'd never heard before.  I have to admit I preferred the songs I knew.  The music was accompanied with a spectacular laser light show.  Parts were sung, via recording, by Freddie - a nice tribute to the rock legend.  I enjoyed the concert a little bit more than the Wife and I left very satisfied.

An homage to Freddie Mercury ... By Freddie Mercury.
I discovered a small coincidence about Queen and my brother.  They said the last time they performed in Omaha was in 1978.  I think this was when my brother saw them.  Kind of a nice set of bookends there.

As you can see I remembered to bring my camera this time. Pictures can be found in my 2017-07-08 Queen And Adam Lambert Concert, Centurylink Center, Omaha, NE Google Photos album.


  1. Lambert has to say he knows he is no Freddie because its all rehearsed as to not humiliate the fans. It also gets the silly fans on board, but i am too intelligent to listen to him grovelling on so he will support. He certainly is not Freddie, because Mr Mercury was a million times more talented than this weak American idol reject. How much longer do we have to put up with this ailing three some for?

    1. I would rather have Adam Lambert with Queen than not have any Queen at all.

  2. You must have enjoyed more on Adam Lambert show instead of queen? by the way I have seen that show on my cable TV services.