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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Book: Hugh Howey's "Wool"

My seventh book of the year is a post-apocalyptic story.  Hugh Howey's "Wool" is set in a future where the survivors of a disaster (natural or man-made - is is uncertain) live in an underground city called the Silo.

The novel follows several people as they plot, scheme, and learn about the place they live in and the secrets that are being hidden from the people.  The setting is far enough in the future that there isn't any original survivors left, only their descendants.

The story is interesting.  The storytelling feels ... a bit shallow.  I'm not sure why it feels that way.  It could be that the lack of historical detail, something required to maintain the element of surprise in the book, that gives it a slight lack of depth.

Having said this, the what was revealed about this world intrigues me and I am already looking forward to the other two books in the trilogy (this is not a new book and the sequels are already available unlike the other series books I have read this year).

I gave "Wool" four stars on Goodreads because it kept my interest.

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