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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Homer's Travels Look Back At 2015

Like 2014, 2015 was a fuzzy year. Neither here nor there. It was divided into two parts: one full of vim and vigor and the other full of sloth, laziness, and escapism.

The first half of the year was mostly dedicated to training for RAGBRAI.  I rode my bike, first in the basement, then on the trails around Omaha.  I was biking at least three times a week if weather and my bike would allow it.  Shortly after RAGBRAI I did my Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) camping trip.

The second half of the year, after RMNP, consisted of me running away from the world.  I fully immersed myself in a social based Star Trek game.  I played hours and hours each day.  Any exercising I'd been doing in preparation for RAGBRAI and RMNP ceased.  I drastically reduced my monitoring of Facebook and Twitter.  I only marginally followed the news.  I withdrew from the world around me.  I both enjoyed the game and worried about my own behavior.  There is a lot more to say about this but I will save it for another post.

Let's look back at 2015, shall we:
Last year I said I had a good feeling about 2015 and I think I was half right. Our New England trip, RAGBRAI, and my RMNP camping trip were wonderful (almost said tremendous ... Too much Trump).  The second half, like the second half of 2014 were lacking somewhat.

There are some good things coming in the new year.  Scuba certification lessons, a trip to Cuba, a trip to the Galapagos Islands, an Amazon cruise, Easter Island, and Rio.  In between I will have to really get serious about planning my Appalachian Trail hike.

Here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year for all.
May all your dreams come true in 2016.

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