Homer's Travels: We're Back And I'm Re-Entering My Routine

Monday, June 29, 2015

We're Back And I'm Re-Entering My Routine

We returned from our New England vacation this morning.  I will be posting about it later in the week or maybe next week.  We'll see.  For now I will say that the Wife and I are becoming vacation snobs and we both agree that this vacation, while nice, didn't have enough "WOW" moments.  I would give it a four or five out of ten.

The mediocre nature of the vacation failed to pull me completely out of the minor funk I'd been in before heading to New England.  I think the funk is just a combination of anticipation and dread  resulting from the approaching RAGBRAI ordeal.

While I was on vacation I was constantly reminded by people on bicycles that I was not training of RAGBRAI.  Two people I know, KSam and the Matron Of Honor, suggested that I continue my training while on vacation by taking advantage of the hotel exercise rooms.  In the two weeks we were on vacation I think we stayed in one hotel that had an exercise room (I'm not sure since I never actually went out looking for the exercise room).  The Wife and I, when travelling domestically, don't splurge on fancy hotels with amenities.  Though we did find out that crappy WiFi in our room is a deal breaker for us - times, they are a changin'.

We got home today at 9:30AM and I managed to get a bike ride in this afternoon.  I did a relatively short 35.5 miles (57.1 km).  Yes I was out of shape but I didn't feel as bad as I expected.  I think the temperature and humidity were a bigger factor than the two week training hiatus.

My plan now is to ride every day between now and the eleventh of July (one week before RAGBRAI) though I will be taking this weekend off while we visit the In-Law's lake house on the fourth.  After that we'll just see how stubborn I can be and how much I want to finish the cross state bike ride.