Thursday, April 02, 2015

Out And About In The Real World ... On Two Wheels

Went for my first real world bike ride this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day - partly cloudy, temperatures in the 60s, and a light, 10 MPH breeze.  The real world is a bit tougher than the 'trainer in the basement' world.  The 23.5 miles (37.8 km) I managed to ride wore me out more than my longest trainer ride (48 miles - 77 km).  Never the less, it was a good first ride of the year.

The one thing I wasn't ready for was the batteries dying in my GPS.  The distance listed above was approximated using MapMyRide.  D'OH!

I may be sore in the morning.  Won't stop me going for a walk though.  Nothing a little vitamin I can't fix.

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