Homer's Travels: Spring Renewal

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Renewal

For the past two weeks I've battled a bug.  The battle lasted a week and a half ending last Thursday, the day before the first day of Spring.  I couldn't have asked for more perfect timing.

During this epic battle I have not exercised at all.  The idea of cycling on my training stand just made me want to curl up in bed and sleep until the urge went away.  Fortunately the bug is gone and I got back on my bike this afternoon and did forty trainer miles.  Despite the two week cycling hiatus, I felt pretty good.  I think I'll be ready to leave my trainer and re-enter the real world next week.

The unusual warm weather we're having is also making me think about going camping in April.  The weather will tell.

Now, to celebrate the beginning of spring and my recovery, here is a picture of the first orchid bloom of the Spring:

The first orchid bloom of the Spring.

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