Homer's Travels: "It Makes You Look Old"

Friday, March 07, 2014

"It Makes You Look Old"

I don't always follow the latest trends.  Well, I follow them but I don't always participate in them.  One of the latest trends is the growing of the beard.  You see all sorts of people with beards these days.  The most notable are athletes.

I decided a few months ago to let my beard grow.  I started the last weekend of 2013.  I didn't let it grow out of control.  I know from past experiments that my beard tends to poof out and I look more like a chaotic Brillo pad than ZZ Top so I kept it trimmed and under some control.

My beard, oh so many years ago, used to be blond with reds mixed in.  Now it's just several shades of gray (several being fewer than fifty).  Some of it is so light you can hardly see it which makes the whole thing look a bit patchy.  It wasn't the most impressive but, in the right lighting I appeared a bit professorial ...in my opinion ... and no one else's.  Frankly no one even commented on it.  I guess it was so ... stunning ... that no one knew what to say.

[UPDATE:  I apparently accidentally deleted the photo.  Sorry Folks!] 

I wasn't sure how long I would sport the beard until, last weekend, the Wife asked me "When are you going to shave?  It makes you look old."

The beard will be gone tomorrow.  Back to the ol' Van Dyke.