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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Photography Becomes Real

Back in 2008 I sold my first pictures (You can read about it here).  I haven't really sold any since then though I did give some away to web sites and such to get any exposure I could.  You never know where an offer could come from.

Nearly six years later I've sold four more pictures.  A week ago or so I was contacted by someone from American Spirit magazine, a member's magazine for the Daughter's of the American Revolution.  They'd seen some of my Laura Plantation pictures on Google Photos and wanted to use them for an upcoming issue.  These will be the first actually printed in a hard copy publication.  Very Cool.

They made me an offer which was pretty good, better than the one from 2008, and I accepted.  I'm a little sorry I didn't ask for more though.  When they made their offer, the representative thought they were using two pictures.  Since they are using four I probably should have asked for a bit more ... but then, I'm not really a greedy man ... and I thought of this after I'd accepted their offer.

The pictures, for those who are curious, are:

A little PayPal and Dropbox action and the transaction was completed early last week.  Some of this newfound fortune will go towards a sleeping pad for when I start camping later this year.  At least I hope that's what it will go towards.  The money I made in 2008 ended up going towards something totally unexpected and unwelcome less than a month after getting paid: a speeding ticket.


  1. Wow!! Now I can say I knew you when!! Congrats!! You do take some amazing photos!

    1. KSam: Yeah, you can say you knew me when I'd reached my peak! :-)

      Thanks, Karen.