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Friday, December 27, 2013

And Just Like That ...

... it's all gone.  In an earlier than usual flurry of activity (it usually happens after the first of the year) I spent the afternoon taking down Christmas decorations.  It took me all of an hour to return things back to "normal".  Our living room always seems brighter without the tree.  That's probably because we put the tree up in front of our big window.

I've already noted my lack of Christmas Spirit this year but I do appreciate all the gifts I received this year.  From the Wife I receive the one and only item on my list:  A Tarptent Notch.  This will be the tent I use to learn the ins and outs of camping.  This is the tent I will use during RAGBRAI.  This tent, assuming it holds up, I like it, and a better one doesn't come to my attention, is the beginning of the Great Accumulation, the acquiring of gear for my Appalachian Trail attempt.

My Mom got me an Amazon gift card and a bag of Twizzlers - the card will probably be used to add to the Great Accumulation - the Twizzlers are a tradition that goes back quite a few years (and they taste really good!).

The In-Laws continued their tradition of passing out cash which, like the gift card, will probably go toward the Great Accumulation as well.

To the gift givers: Thank You for the gifts.

To the card senders:  Thank you for the cards and letters.

You are all appreciated and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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