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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Time To Trek ... Or Not

Earlier this year I participated in the Trek Up The Tower (TUTT).  That was my second time and I improved my time nicely.  Today is the start of sign ups for the 2014 TUTT.  I seriously considered doing it again but I have decided not to do it next year.

After returning from the Camino I wasn't sure how my legs would be.  After my first Camino I needed physical therapy to correct for a twisted pelvis.  The physical therapy obviously has worked as I feel great.  That is not the reason why I'm not doing TUTT next year.

The reason is a bit silly.   I'm not doing TUTT because I'm afraid I will not do as well as last time.  Despite feeling better than last time I also remember my Topa Topa hike after my last Camino.  I thought the Camino would have prepared me for the hike but in fact the hike turned out much harder.  I'm afraid that TUTT will feel harder because of lingering, and subtle, effects of me walking over 600 miles.

Having said this, barring any unforeseen injuries, I intend to climb the tower in 2015.  Over the next year I will be training for RAGBRAI and all the bike riding should build up my stair climbing muscles ... I hope.

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